Frequently Asked Questions
I've been reported, what does this mean?

Someone you have been dealing with has anonymously reported you for wasting their time or complaining to gain an unfair advantage over others. It works in a similar way to a bad credit rating in that businesses and private individuals check our database to guide their response to you. If you have been reported, then it's likely they will be less tolerant of you e.g.

- you'll not be given 'the benefit of the doubt';
- you'll not receive gestures of goodwill;
- you may be ineligible for special deals or services.

In some circumstances we can remove your report, please contact us for more information.

Do we hold peoples personal data e.g. emails?

No. When data is provided by our users e.g. an email, we convert it into an irreversible and unique 'hash' then save the 'hash' in our database, making it impossible for us and others to decipher. When someone re-enters the email through our website, the same process is used to create the 'hash', which is then looked up in our database to see if it has been reported before, this allows us to keep a record of time-wasters without knowing ourselves who they are.

Why was the TWD set up?

Anybody who has worked in customer services will know why, all others please read on.

Good customer service is essential, however there are a few people in the world that tip the balance in their unfair favour without caring for the consequences to others. Here's a hypothetical story for you that helps to explain the problem:

Charlie signed up to a domestic gas provider (lets call it Human Gas Ltd) because they had recently won an award for excellent customer service and their prices were the best in the world. One day, Charlie's whole neighbourhood had their gas cut off for two minutes at midnight. Everyone had been informed long in advance that it was going to happen and engineers had worked tirelessly through the night to ensure disruption was negligible while Charlie and many others slept warm and tight in bed.

The next morning Charlie had a brainwave, he thought he would try and negotiate money of his gas bill because of the disruption. He then spent weeks calling customer services and threatening to get their cherished customer service award taken away because he would post how horrible they were all over the internet. Eventually customer services gave in and awarded him a small amount of money as a gesture of goodwill.

So where's the problem?

Well the cost Human Gas Ltd incurred whilst dealing with Charlie was far more than the compensation they awarded to him. Think about the cost of manning the phone calls, the cost of replacing any staff that became too upset with Charlie and resigned, the cost of any bad press and potentially loosing their customer service award. All it takes is a few Charlies for the costs to escalate to a point where the business would need to adjust to survive by maybe increasing their prices. If Human Gas Ltd did this, they would no longer be the cheapest and best in the world, their sales could fall and the levels of service for all their happy customers would degrade and before long a spiral of sadness would descend not only on the people in the company who stress out and maybe lose their jobs, but the customers who were previously enjoying Human Gas Ltd. But Charlie's alright, he's blagged himself a deal at everyone else's expense! Cheers Charlie!

Now don't get our views wrong, if someone, business or otherwise, sets an expectation, we should complain if we don't get what we were led to expect, but let's not go hunting for issues to complain about for our own gain at the unfair expense of others.